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Fusion – Laurent BUFFAT

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Original artwork – Mixed media on aluminium – 40×40 cm


100 numbered prints and signed by Laurent BUFFAT with certificate of authenticity



The Dibond support (4 mm) is composed of 2 thin layers of aluminum and a polyethylene core. This support is extremely strong and durable but remains remarkably light. The quality of the support allows exposure both indoors and outdoors. Prints resist weather, water, rust … and to the test of time.


If you want a brilliant and bright effect, this transparent support will make your ART PRINT sharper, highlighting color depth and clarity of detail. The artwork is printed directly on a sheet of a bright PLEXIGLASS, with a thickness of 4mm, and even if it is very light, it is very robust and resistant !

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Plexiglass, Aluminium


35×35 cm, 30×30 cm, 40×40 cm