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With his New Pop, his work is a burst of primordial energy which emanated from light (white backgrounds) or from chaos (black backgrounds), from drips and colors and is raised by doodles (quick movement like a big signature).

Just as the moon bring light in the darkness; his world is a positive energy booster in a world of crisis. This feminine moon counterbalances the vision of a world where rationality and calculation prevail. Patrice Murciano prefers the sensitive lunar rather than the solar intelligence. The drips of colors reflect only the eternal movement of life as the skull which is enthroned in his workshop. Nothing is static, nothing is set in stone and nothing is smooth.

The New Pop is obviously the style that corresponds most closely to his complex personality : a real blast wave! Does Patrice Murciano go against the tide ? Yes he does but he takes a lot of people down with him.

Patrice Murciano is a “Moon catcher” dreaming secretly since his childhood to be an astronaut. He had, for a long time, the idea to paint on the Moon a visible artwork from the Earth, artwork whose love message would have been sent to all human being. He said to himself that if he finally cannot go to the moon then the moon will come to him such a focal point.

In the end, this story only shows the artist’s questioning about the unchangeable laws of “being in the world”, about man’s place. This catcher asks us about what exceeds our comprehension as human beings as the moon synthetizes the Infinite.

Maybe one day, Patrice Murciano will reach to catch the moon or maybe not, but whatever happens, he will keep his two feet solidly in the ground and the head in the stars.


Patrice MURCIANO – New Pop – Volume I – 2012-2013
MURCIANO - Press Release - UGA 2015
MURCIANO – Press Release – UGA 2015
MURCIANO - Dossier de presse - UGA 2017
MURCIANO – Dossier de presse – UGA 2017

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