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Oil on canvas


on aluminium or Plexiglass

Contact – cisternino@unitedguestartists.com

Franco CISTERNINO is an italian artist born in 1969 residing in Bientina – Pisa near Florence. His predilection for drawing and painting that accompanies him since his childhood, led him to attend the Art Institute of Foggia and to obtain the diploma of “Master of Art”. During his long studies, he improves his innate artistic skills. by learning and deepening of various painting techniques such as oil, watercolor and graphite. He evolved as a person with a protective nature and a sensitive soul who create, until recently, artworks of landscapes and environments compromise by the human hand. Then he is interested in the world of teenagers, by creating artworks that reveal aspects and emotions of this delicate moment in human growth. His latest production is dedicated to the world of “Music” and that of “Woman”.

As well as an extraordinary talented artist, Franco Cisternino is considered as one of the most interesting realists on the Italian scene, in addition to perfection in every oil painting, we find the strength and a play of light that attract, involving the viewer. Since 2007, he is selected to participate in numerous prestigious International Exhibition of Contemporary Art, with an increasing success year after year.

His artworks of the pictorial cycle “Music” are not simple representations of instruments and musical notes, they are an interpretation of the concept of melody, as a unifying human language and as a vital force able to translate poetry around us throughout our lives.

His artworks of the pictorial cycle “Woman” are a dramatic and symbolic representation of women, seen through the eyes of a male artist. His paintings represent her gracefully beyond the stereotypes created by our society and she is magnified by : her true essence, her deep humanity, her real fragility and at the same time, her incredible strength. The choice of color in his monochromatic slightly sepia, intends to give the sense of mystery in life and memory. The veil which envelops the woman has a multiple meaning : the part of the veil that touches her body is pink like to merge with her own skin, while the remaining part is representing by his strength, the influence of the social stereotype of a strong woman, emancipated, thin and beautiful.

His palette of colors is softly harmonizing warm tones in a nearly zenithal light, full of nuances and sweet shadows, soft and graceful. The refined romanticism of represented subjects becomes one of the interpretations of his sophisticated work. The musical instruments or the women represented, objects or subjects which seem to fly, are the essence of the movement transmission.

By the perfection of his paintings and the real strength of his plays of light, his artworks seem to evolve outside the canvas elegantly, arousing us romance, charm, sensuality, mystery and an endless wonder. The contemplation of his artworks affects every viewer without exception.